Grooming Your Pet


Regular grooming can prevent problems from developing, alert you to potential health concerns and can be vital to your dog’s comfort and well being. Common problems that can be easily avoided with regular visits to a professional groomer include painful mats, disorders of the skin and paws, and diseases of teeth and gums. Dogs of every breed and coat type and age must be groomed on a regular basis- about every six to eight weeks.

Long hair is prone to matting which can become uncomfortable and painful to your dog. It also holds bacteria, and dirt that become a health concern for your pet.

Daily brushing is essential. This hands on experience can be a great bonding experience with you and your dog.

Other core elements to your pet’s hygiene that should be routinely attended to include:

  • Ear cleaning- an important regimen to prevent problems like mites, wax build up, infection.
  • Ear plucking- removing hair from the ears is essential to prevent infections.
  • Nail trimming- prevents nails from breaking and cracking and become overgrown, which is painful when walking.
  • Teeth brushing-dogs do need their teeth brushed. Brushing can prevent periodontal disease and help detect problems that should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian.

You should make your dog’s grooming a fun and stress free routine that can be a wonderful bonding experience. Not all grooming can be handled at home and that’s why we recommend professional grooming.

Here at Paws and Reflect we hire the kind of people you can trust with your pet; loving, caring people who love pets as much as you do and are trained in the art of grooming.

From equipment, to procedure, to cleanliness, you can be confident that your pet is in caring, competent and skilled hands.

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