Spring Grooming

SPRING GROOMING :  After a long winter:
Have you let your dog’s coat grow all winter?  Is your dog a mess?  Are you considering having your double coated breed shaved down for summer because:

  • Your dog sheds to much
  • You want to offer relief from the summer heat
  • Your dog is matted/tangled beyond belief

For the double coated breed (dogs with fur or that shed), you may want toreconsider shaving your pet for the summer.  Dogs have 7 hairs per hair follicle.  In that group there is only one gaurd hair.  When the hair is clipped over time it eliminates the guard hair bit by bit.  This changes the coats texture so that it is not able to protect the dog during the winter and summer months.  Cutting the dog’s hair does not stop shedding, it’s just shorter hair and not as noticeable.

As for dogs with hair rather then fur, it’s simple.  Just clip the hair at a longer length in the winter and use a brush more often between groomings.  Not having your pets hair maintained for long periods of time leads to that dreaded shave down everyone hates to see.

We recommend having your pet groomed every 6 to 8 weeks depending on your pets coat type and  your tolerance level of your pets coat condition.

Lets consider the obvious, people prefer to hug,cuddle and play with a clean dog.

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