The Relationship…

The relationship between dog and owner is unique. Some dog owners look at their pets as if they were a direct bloodline of the family; others look at their dogs as best friends. Then there are some that respect their pet but the boundaries/roles of human and dog are a little clearer. No matter how you look at it, you cannot deny the connection you feel with your pet. We (as pet owners and professional groomers) thrive on this connection, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to categorize these relationships in a joyful and playful kind of way.


  • You would eat out of the same bowl (and sometimes you do)
  • You sleep in the same bed
  • You finish each other’s sentences
  • You often times wear matching clothes and never planned it
  • You both light-up each time one of you enters the room
  • You have no problem with public display of pet affection
  • You take family photos together (always)


  • You eat at the same time, but on your own plates
  • You sleep in the same room (but you enjoy your space)
  • You often times have the same ideas at the same time (Walk buddy?)
  • You are happy to see each other but appreciate alone time
  • You enjoy the occasional hug and kiss but none of that slobbery stuff is necessary
  • You have photos together but not a wall full of them


  • You eat when you want to and your dog eats twice a day (when you feed him/her)
  • You sleep in your room, your dog sleeps in his/her doggie bed (in another room)
  • You have set times when you spend time with your dog (daily walks), otherwise you function independently
  • You smile when you see your pet, and your pet casually wags its tail to show the appreciation
  • You pat your dog, give belly-rubs randomly, and sometimes give a hug (but not very often)
  • You may have a photo of you and your dog but nothing framed or in your wallet
  • You take care of your dog because you care for your dog (but you are the owner and he/she is the dog)

There is no wrong way to love your pet as long as they are being taken care of. Every owner and every pet has a different kind of relationship. Aside from your “relationship status” we also hope you remember to take-care of your pet with regular grooming appointments. Most dogs need to be “beautified” every 4-6 weeks (variation depending on breed). We look forward to meeting you and your pet at your next visit!

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