Gesundheit Fido!


Aaaahhhhh-Choooo! Seasonal allergies got you down? WHAT ABOUT YOUR POOR DOG!?! Yep, that is right, dogs can have seasonal allergies just like us humans do (this includes dust, ragweed, pollen, and grass)! Us humans can walk over to the drug store and find a quick fix to relieve annoying symptoms. Often times, poor Fido’s suffering goes unnoticed. Dog’s can have subtle signs such as face and ear rubbing (which can easily be missed); but they can also suffer from worse allergy symptoms such as skin chewing, inflamed skin patches and diarrhea (yuck)!

So, how do you know if it is seasonal allergies or something more permanent like food allergies? First step, if your dog is suffering from any sort of unusual symptoms, call your vet and make an appointment (if you need a vet recommendation please ask us, we are happy to share). Second step, make your home a more “allergy-free” environment. This would include vacuuming and dusting often and trying to keep windows and doors closed during high pollen and ragweed days. Third step, try to do outdoor dog activities on days when there is little to no breeze and take walks in areas with little to no grass/weeds.

If you personally suffer from allergies you understand how miserable they can be. If your pet is suffering, try to be understanding of their suffering.

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