If you plan to be a long-distant traveler to reach a Thanksgiving dinner, make sure your pet is ready to make the trip.

  1. Be sure your pet has had a recent check-up with their veterinarian.
  2. Schedule a grooming for your pet (no one wants to travel with a stinky dog).
  3. Check to make sure your pet’s tags are current and include correct contact information (just incase Fido decides to take a trip on his/her own).
  4. Place a current photo of your pet in your wallet/purse (you never know when you may need it).
  5. Pack an extra collar and leash.
  6. Include a small bag of “entertainment”, favorite stuffed toy, balls, etc.
  7. Pack an emergency bag for your pet, if traveling by car (include water, food and blankets).
  8. If flying, booking a direct flight is much less stressful on your pet (flying also requires a few extra to-do’s on your checklist: write LIVE ANIMAL on your pets crate, make sure the crate is the correct size for your pet, and include comfortable “bedding”).

No matter how you spend your Thanksgiving, take a moment to give your pet an extra pat on the head to say “thanks for always being my friend”!

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