Pretty Pet Paws for Winter

Winter in South Dakota can be harsh, not only on us humans but also on our pets. When it is time to walk our pets and the air is cold, the sidewalks slippery, and snow piled knee-high we dig out our snow boats, thick wool socks, and beat the elements. For our pets, and their feet, it is a different story. Yes, dogs have their paw pads.  These pads provide extra cushioning to help absorb shock, provide insulation, and help walk through rough terrain. However, even with the pads, those pretty pet paws still require TLC.

Take a few seconds, after your next walk, to check out your pet’s feet. It may be time to schedule a grooming.

Your dog’s nails should just touch the ground when he/she walks. If you notice a clicking noise when they walk or their nails are easily getting caught on carpet or rugs, it is time for a pedicure.

In-between those squishy pads any hair should be trimmed to avoid matting. If you notice debris caught in the hair between pads, simply comb out the hair. If there is excessive matting it may be time for a grooming.

Winter months can really dry-out your pets pads (they can even become chapped and cracked). If you notice this, ask your veterinarian for a good pad moisturizer. When you moisturize those paws, it may also be a great idea to give those pads a little massage (yes, dogs loves massages just as much as us humans)!

AN EXTRA QUICK TIP FOR WINTER WALKING: Vaseline applied to your pets pads can be a great protector from sidewalk salt.

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